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Que Siga La Rumba Cd Review October 29, 2008 - 

Wow, what a pristine, highly swinging salsa project - the second release by percussionist Michael Tate's 3D orchestra. With a pan-caribbean feel and jazzy flavor, Tate sets out to define himself differently from the commercial pop salsa mold. And, on Que Siga La Rumba, he went all out and surrounded himself with this city's best talent. The singers are none other than Herman Olivera, Willie Torres, Jerry Lopez, Chris Hierro, and, for some added oomph, coroista Ray Viera. They're backed by guys like pianists Ricky Gonzalez and Lenny Underwood, bassists Ruben Rodriguez and Leo Traversa, percussionists Wilson "Chembo" Corniel, Chino Nunez, and los metales con fuerza: Ozzie Melendez, Raul Agraz and Ray Vega. A big nod to Chris Amelar for his eloquent tres-like guitar work - it feels just right. This, folks, is salsa like one used to be able to find on any given night in New York City: direct, funky, and without pretense. I like the swanky, boogaloo flavored, Son Montuno Pa' Dos offered in both Spanish and English. There are also two versions of the powerfully moving ballad "Vente Conmigo" one sung by Jerry Lopez and the other by Herman Olivera. The musicians demonstrate just what their instruments are capable of on the pure Latin jazz track "En La Calle 52" a percussive showcase. Here's essential, modern Latin music for both the dancers and listeners. Kudos to Tate and 3D for keeping the flame burning bright. Very Highly Recommended. - By Bruce Polin,

"Everything about this work of art is Rhythmic and so moving, from the hip swinging beats to the very cover gracing the jewel case. CARAMBA! Give me more." - Leon Reyes, "El Leon Del Ritmo" KVMR

“3D's Ritmo de Vida contains something for everybody. The production demonstrates 3D's versatility, sheer originality and creativity. Whatever the genre, the music remains authentic and respectful to its roots!” - Vicki Sola, Host & Producer, "Que Viva La Musica", 89.1 WFDU FM, and columnist, Latin Beat Magazine

"Ritmo de Vida carries a CD potential not seen since Eddie Palmieri began fusing Latin Jazz and Salsa together into his own, unique style. This CD represents a fresh, powerful and a pleasant injection of Latin Jazz, Salsa and other music genres, all into one piece! "That New York sound" is an expression often referred to around the world, when describing the highest quality of funky and rhythmic music. Ritmo de Vida would easily qualify as a symbol of that sound. By bringing in guest artists, such as as Herman Olivera, Ray Vega, and Oscar Hernandez, Michael Tate and Chris Amelar have truly created a Masterpiece. The CD should carry a strong appeal to any music aficionado of jazzy as well as Latin rhythms. But, is it danceable? Yes it is!!!" -  Les "SalsaRican" Rivera,, CA

"Latin music is too frequently defined by rhythm, and consequently melodic invention goes out the window. 3D doesn't have that problem. Ritmo de Vida has enough variation throughout its 10 tracks to keep even listeners unfamiliar with the vast variety of Latin rhythms enthralled." - Phil Freeman, Global Rhythm Magazine

"3D plays with a freewheeling philosophy that marries musical styles from the African diaspora and beyond." - Geraldine Wyckoff, JazzTimes Magazine

"Being in the business I get oodles of cds almost daily and most end up in the corner, in the back, in the dark but Ritmo de Vida made me sit up and listen. Sooo good to the last drop!" - Maria von Dickersohn, Sirius Satellite Radio, Latin Flavors in The Jazz Cafe

"If you enjoy traveling, then you're in for an exciting journey as you experience the world of 3D and Ritmo de Vida! This wonderful new production promises to keep you simply captivated, as you are musically transported to the heart and soul of your very own "Rhythm of Life. 3D's Michael Tate on drums and guitarist Chris Amelar, will have you dancing the night away with simply sublime fusion of rhythms that begin with the clave of Cuba and end with a "standing room only" gospel tent revival! With plenty of original material, 3D's Ritmo de Vida is definitely a keeper!" - Latin Lady Dj Margarita,

"I dig 3D because they've figured out a way to combine jazz with R&B/Funk and Carribean music and have come out with an entirely original sound. This music is about Now... this music is about Tomorrow." - Ray Vega (Da Bronx)

"The arrival of 3D and Ritmo de Vida, gives a refreshing shot in the arm to mainstream Latin music with a unique blend and interpretation of traditions." - Hector Resendez, KPFK Canto Tropical!

"3D's Ritmo de Vida is a refreshing change of pace for aficionados of Latin music. Tate and Amelar's original compositions are masterfully arranged with soulful Latin jazz, salsa, and R&B rhythms complemented with the suave vocals of Herman Olivera." - Guido Herrera-Yance Alma del Barrio KXLU 88.9

"Ritmo de Vida is just the right blend of salsa, latin and modern jazz, funk and a variety of musical styles that deliver on it's title, "Rhythm of Life"! Enjoy! Aloha!" - Ray Cruz, "Sabor Tropical" 89.3FM KIPO

"3D's Ritmo de Vida breaks down barriers and abolishes divisions between salsa lovers and jazz aficionados; between Latin 'purismo' and World-Music melting-pot. This tropical mix is guaranteed to arouse your curiosity, move your body, inspire your soul and reinforce your love of the best in Latin music as found in 'Ritmo de Vida' by 3D" - Michael Bongard, "The Latin Train" CHUO 89.1 FM

"3D is a fresh new eclectic sound in Latin music. Michael Tate & Chris Amelar are providing the future of Latin World music today with their latest release Ritmo de Vida featuring guests Hermán Olivera with the lyrics of Lino Iglesias added for your enjoyment." - Luis "Speedy" Gonzalez, "Latin Jazz & Salsa", WMNF 88.5 FM, TAMPA, FL

"The opener Mi Amor Tu Volveras is a monster!...The rest of the Cd bangs as well!" - Tomas Algarin, "Latin Aura", WCLK 91.9 FM Atlanta, GA

"3D is a refreshing musical hybrid for the universal ear" - Herman Olivera

"3D is a vibrant fusion of culture and rhythm with its Latin and gospel foundation. Find the groove with 3D." - Kevin Allison, KFSG Los Angeles

"Ritmo de Vida features fiery Latin numbers and beautiful vocal melodies. 3D has a clear idea of Latin music. - Jazz Improv Magazine

"Ritmo de Vida reflects the United States at its present as a melting pot of cultures with an emerging Latin influence that is adding it's flavor to an already savory brew of American music. Add a touch of Caribbean spice, and you've got a concoction that is truly unique and difficult to ignore......... If you are a fan of the experimentation of Afro-Latin-Caribbean-American music, then get this CD. Ritmo de Vida is truly an ambitious effort and an unforgettable album. You have to hear it to believe it!" - Tanya Kotan, Jazz

"In a fiery mix of Latin/Caribbean with a soulful rhythm section and some great salsa singers, this CD Ritmo de Vida begs to be turned-up-and danced to." - Michael Handler,

"3D blends timbres and rhythms from Africa, Latin America, the West Indies and New Orleans into its own unique music." - Hot House Magazine

"A musical cocktail of exotic rhythms and forms best describes the repertoire of 3D's new production, Ritmo de Vida" - Rudy Mangual /Latin Beat Magazine

"This band is a breath of fresh air that packs a powerful punch in a variety of musical styles from Latin to blues and gospel." - Wes Gillespie,

"Siempre he estado a favor de la experimentación musical, especialmente cuando un género o ritmo está en crisis o en una posible transición. La música que colectivamente conocemos como salsa se encuentra presentemente en una de esas dos situaciones. Creado en 1999 por el baterista Michael Tate y el guitarrista Chris Amelar, el grupo 3D ha tratado de seguir la línea de la mezclar ritmos de diferentes culturas, y sus experimentos han producido gratos resultados, como se evidencia en Ritmo de Vida, su más reciente producción. La primera pieza del CD, “Mi Amor tú volverás”, de por si amerita la adquisición de esta grabación. Es un tema con mucho corazón – sentimiento gitano con sabor nuevayorquino --, con el maravilloso cantar del sonero Hermán Olivera, un delicioso solo de trompeta por Ray Vega, y un sabroso montuno de piano por Oscar Hernández. Impresionante también es el merengue (sí, dije merengue) “Ritmo de vida”, que titula el compacto. En este número, el timbal reemplaza a la tambora, dándole al merengue un sabor a la gran manzana, que me recordó “El Sentimiento de latino en Nueva York”, de Ángel Canales. Ni hablar del explosivo solo extendido de trombón de Jaime Ramos. Otro favorito es “My love will return”, con un arreglo parecido al tema que abre el CD, pero la melodía la lleva la guitarra de Amelar, con exquisita percusión por Pablo “Chino” Núñez. Los otros temas son variados, e incluyen bolero (“Sobrevivir), bomba (“Otra vez”), funk (“Guanta Rico”), big band jazz (“Eliana”), y soca (“Con las manos arriba”). Ritmo de Vida es un trabajo muy ecléctico, donde Tate y Amelar usan cuanta influencia musical han tenido en la vida. Es un álbum para todos los gustos, cargado de alegría y buenos sentimientos." - (EEG) Hernecia Latina

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